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Online Giving

Giving to the parish has never been easier, safer or more convenient.  You can give either from your checking or savings account or your credit card.  If you give by credit card, you are usually eligible for card rewards or points.  Check with your credit card company about their specific rewards policy. You may give to the general operating fund, the United Catholic Appeal, or you may choose to give to any of the special collections. You can create a password-protected account for giving or you can give as a guest.  Either way offers a save, convenient way to give. If you set up a recurring donation, please email us and let us know so you won’t receive packets of envelopes. 

2020 Stewardship Update

Money is one of those things that human beings in a civilized world need to survive—our Church is no exception. Thankfully as Pastor here in Walker and Hackensack money is not something I have to talk about often—not because we don’t need it, but because you all are so generous to your parishes and to the Diocese of Duluth! You all have blown me away—in the last 2 years, you have donated over $200,000 to St. Agnes for new statues, new paint, new stained glass, new lights, and a new HVAC, all while also adding a full-time Faith formation director to normal operations for both parishes! 


As you know, the current COVID situation has effects far and wide. Your parish—our parish—is no exception. We still have needs, and you all have continued to help us stay open and “on mission.” I want to share three areas: 1) What we’ve done financially to accommodate COVID, 2) Where we are/how we are currently “fairing,” and 3) What we still need, or what your support will accomplish.


What We Have Done:

With prudent foresight, we trimmed our fiscal-year budgets by 10% for each parish, which started July 1st. We were able to make cuts from some non-essential areas, while keeping our focus on maintaining our staff and our programming, both of which are so essential to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The things on “hold” are delay-able maintenance items. 


Where we are:

What YOU have done is continue to contribute or increase your donations, allowing us to meet our current budget needs for staff and programs. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thanks as well to folks like the donor that stepped forward to cover the cost of the books to hand out at Christmas, and the several one-time large donations that humbled and surprised us, again—allowing us to meet our day-to-day expenses for operations and staff. Due to COVID, the auction committee put our usual fundraisers on “hold” for this year—we hope to be back next year with other fun opportunities.


What we still need now:

  • At both parishes, we still need about 15% of our UCA, or the contributions that we send to the Diocese that in turn supports our ministries here. St. Agnes needs $4100 and Sacred Heart needs $3356.

  • At St. Agnes we also have these immediate needs: 

    • We had to replace a 19-year-old commercial refrigerator, at $3300. 

    • We need to do gutter repairs on the southside wall, at about $2200.


Looking Ahead:

With tax incentives from the CARES Act for 2020 donations to public charities like our parishes, we also want to share upcoming needs, giving you an opportunity to help us prepare for the future. (Consult your tax advisor!)

  • In the next 1 to 5 years at St. Agnes, we will need to:

    • Overlay tar that has sunk on our southside, causing indoor water problems: ~$8000-$10,000.

    • Replace a large flat roof (installed 2001): ~$50,000. 

    • Replace the carpeting in the Church space itself: Cost determined by product chosen.

    • Hopefully install a high-efficiency gas boiler alongside current electric (cost-savings recovery ~10 yrs): $11,500.

    • Remove an empty fuel oil tank to prevent future abatement problems: ~$6000

  • In the next 1 to 5 years at Sacred Heart, we expect we will need to:

    • Replace air conditioning units: ~$15,000

    • More permanently repair narthex floor, cost TBD.

    • Repair/sealcoat or replace the main parking lot: ~$12,000/~$50,000.


How to help: 

You can donate to any of these projects by selecting “maintenance” in the engage online portal, or by writing “building maintenance” on the check memo. If there is one that you are passionate about, let us know! For other types of donations, contact Babs Debes our bookkeeper.


Exciting projects “in the works:”

Before COVID, several projects were already “in the works” with project-specific donations already received. Our approach is both “maintenance and mission”—just like generations before us, we simultaneously address upkeep and building needs while also enhancing what we have for future followers if Jesus Christ. God has moved several hearts to support these projects with time, talent, and treasure:

  • At Sacred Heart, we installed new Stations of the Cross in February from a parish that closed in Hibbing. Thanks to Jim Kelly and crew, we also have a beautifully refinished altar that came from a parish that closed in Duluth. Beautiful matching chairs and kneelers are currently being re-finished and re-covered. We received donated materials (yet to be installed) to convert the lights in Sacred Heart ancillary rooms to LED and high efficiency products. 

  • At St. Agnes, a new altar for the Adoration Chapel is in the works for enhancing experience of Adoring the King of Heaven. This altar will also allow Mass to be celebrated in the space for smaller weekday crowds (post-COVID). Two additional statues are also being carved in Italy by the same artists that completed our current ones: one of St. Agnes and one of St. Kateri Tekakwitha. Since we have Mary and Joseph in the front of the Church now, these will be in the “candle area,” and the current statues will be moved to our social hall.

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