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God’s love for us is relentless, and He calls us to a life of purpose. As we lean into Him, we’ll learn that nothing in our lives is wasted. When we discover who we are in Christ, it makes all the difference in the world. Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series includes a three part Bible study: Beloved, Unshaken, and Steadfast.

Within Beloved, Unshaken, and Steadfast, you will receive the following:

  • Six lessons based on Scripture readings

  • Reflections and intentional prayer time

  • Saint stories

  • Space to set personal resolutions and goals

  • Illustrated Bible verses for personal memorization

  • Space for weekly prayer intentions


Beloved: Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series, Part I invites you to lay a strong: foundation for your true identity as a beloved daughter of God.


Unshaken: Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series, Part II invites you to fill your spiritual toolbox with exactly what you need to grow stronger in your faith.


Steadfast: Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series, Part III will help you conquer your fears and rest in the unknown instead of being paralyzed by confusion.


Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series can be used to personally build your knowledge of Scripture meditation and prayer, or you can gather your tribe and begin the journey to deeper friendships and fruitful truths.

Study Meets: Monday 7:30 PM on Zoom starting October 18, 2021 (no prep required for first session) *Attend Zoom meetings as your schedule allows. Study can be done independently as needed. The books are great for personal prayer time and guided reading of the Bible.


Cost: $20 includes Bible study bundle: Beloved, Unshaken, and Steadfast. Books are available at the church office or through the Walking with Purpose website. Call Molly for more details at 547-1054.


To listen to the Bible in a Year podcast, click below! 

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