Youth & Family Faith Formation



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All families are warmly welcome to join Family Faith Formation starting Sept. 18th, 2019. The goal of this program is to encourage and equip parents to live and teach their children the Catholic Faith at home. The Wednesday night sessions Sept.-April will give parents the knowledge and tools they need to bring their children up in the Faith. Topics for the year include: Who is Jesus?, The Cross, How to Pray, The Holy Spirit, Who is God the Father?, Communion of Saints, Lectio Divina, and more! Wednesday nights include three main components: Family DinnerBreakout Sessions, and Adoration. Throughout the year, the new family program will also include: guest speakers, games, trivia night, marriage dinner, crafts, activities, and more!






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Diving Deeper is an after school program for students in grades K-5. Diving Deeper will include: snack, Advent Bible study, and Christmas program rehearsals. Diving Deeper will be held on November 13, 20 and December 4, 11 after school until 5:00 PM. For families registered for Family Faith Formation, Diving Deeper will end at 5:30 PM. The Christmas program will be held on Sunday, December 15 after the 10:15 AM Mass at St. Agnes. There is no cost for the program but registration is required. 

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Children ages 3-7 are invited to gather in the chapel the first and third Sunday of the month. Following the opening prayer, children will gather at the front of the church for a blessing then go to the Adoration chapel. During Children's Chapel they will hear the readings including the Gospel and then go to the social hall for a theme-based activity and prayer. The children will be given a "mission of the week" based on the Gospel reading for that day. The children will return to the church during the offertory. No registration is required. 



All volunteers working with youth must meet the Diocesan requirements for Safe Environment which include Code of Conduct, Background Check and Youth Protection training. The parish provides Safe Environment education for students and families through a program called Circle of Grace which is supported and mandated by the Diocese of Duluth. For more information about Safe Environment and Circle of Grace please call 218-547-1054.